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How to Report Fraud Waste and Abuse

The people involved in USCP programs and operations, whether employees or contractors, are in the best position to detect problems.  You can help the Office of Inspector General (OIG) improve management and eliminate fraud by providing information to OIG about allegations or suspicions of fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, misconduct, or unnecessary government expenditures.

If you need further information or want to file a complaint, please contact us. To ensure that your concerns are appropriately addressed, it is critically important that you provide as much information as possible in support of your complaint, including:

1. The identity and contact information of the violator(s);
2. The identity and contact information of those persons who can corroborate the allegations; and
3. A description and location of relevant documentary and physical evidence.

While anonymous complaints are welcome, please understand that a lack of sufficient and specific information may mean that our office is unable to investigate the allegation.

You may contact OIG using any of the following:

Mailing Address:
Office of Inspector General
United States Capitol Police
119 D Street, N.E.
Washington, DC 20510

HOTLINE - Toll Free 1-866-906-2446

Email - OIG@uscp.gov