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Office of Professional Responsibility

The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) oversees administrative investigations relating to the conduct of department personnel. The integrity and reputation of any police agency is its most valuable asset; without the trust and confidence in an agency’s integrity, neither the citizenry, nor the police who serve and protect them can expect fair, impartial treatment. The Office of Professional Responsibility records and investigates allegations of misconduct by Capitol Police employees generated from within the Department or outside sources.

We are responsible for:

  • ensuring the high standards of police integrity
  • acting as a guardian of the Department's reputation 
  • investigating serious charges of employee misconduct, known as Category 1 complaints, and Category 2 complaints when directed by the Chief of Police or the Assistant Chief of Police or in special circumstances outlined in General Order 2215 
  • investigating all other allegations concerning inadequate police services and breaches of Departmental rules or regulations where Command Disciplinary matters are under the purview of the Division Commander and investigated by Division officials
  • analyzing trends and patterns to identify policy weaknesses and failures or training needs and recommending changes for improvement as appropriate 

Complaint Report Form

Annual Statistical Summary Report

The United States Capitol Police compiles an annual statistical summary based upon records of OPR investigations. All requests for the annual statistical summary must be submitted in writing to:

United States Capitol Police
Office of Professional Responsibility
119 D Street NE
Washington, DC 20510